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Black Angora Wool Gloves With Extra Layer For Women B10

Black Angora Wool Gloves With Extra Layer For Women B10

Women`s angora gloves  – a must have accessory in your wardrobe, in the same time providing you with full hands protection which will allow you to feel comfortable even during the coldest evenings and most importantly you will not have to worry about getting ill.  Elegant women`s gloves with extra layer collection – best choice through autumn and winter, already time tested quality which is being enjoyed by many of our customers. Black gloves are full of elegance and will look great with classical style.

While you are looking for comfortable angora wool gloves, make you sure you go through all sizes and purchase the one which will provide you with second skin feeling. In this way you will feel perfect microclimate, which will allow your hands not to sweat and in the same time will not get cold. Exactly this type of elegant angora gloves selection which are made from acrylic makes them more elastic and has nice smooth feeling on the skin.

Premium quality angora gloves are recommended to be cleaned chemically or hand washed, in this way they will longer maintain their bright color and will continue to soothe your skin. If you are looking for perfect fitting gloves, which will allow you to feel and look amazing throughout the year – angora gloves is the best choice!



Material: 80% wool, 10% angora, 10% akrilic.

Color: Black

Lined with white fur




6,5 (S)

7 (M)

7,5 (L)

8 (XL)

8,5 (XXL)

Length ± 3mm

22,5 cm

22,5 cm

23 cm

23,5 cm

24 cm

Width ± 3mm

8 cm

8,5 cm

9 cm

9,5 cm

10 cm




Chemical cleaning is advised.

Up to 3 business days delivery.

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Dydis 6,5 (S) 7 (M) 7,5 (L) 8 (XL) 8,5 (XXL)
Ilgis ±3 mm 24 cm 24,5 cm 25 cm 25,5 cm 26 cm
Plotis ± 3 mm 8 cm 8,5 cm 9 cm 9,5 cm 10 cm


Dydis 9,5 (XS) 10 (S) 10,5 (M) 11 (L) 11,5 (XL)
Ilgis ±3 mm 24 cm 24,5 cm 25 cm 25,5 cm 26 cm
Plotis ± 3 mm 9,5 cm 10 cm 10,5 cm 11 cm 11,5 cm

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