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Prekės kodas: 20108

Turimas kiekis: Pristatymas per 7-10 d. d.

Garantija: 24 miesiące

Gamintojas: Felice

Our clutches are one of our top brand products made with great commitment. We try to achieve the rule when smallest conspicuous the most .

Carry our designer clutch bags with you for opening nights at the theater, formal meeting or a simple night outs. Classical shape of the clutch bag make the bag perfect for many occasions independently of the situation. 

The clutch bag has got an additional shoulder strap so you can carry the bag on different ways. Again our brand chose as a goal proof, that cheap women s bags don t need to stand out with quality and visual attractiveness from models of world s top brands. Clutch bag is comfortable in use. Despite this, it can contain all most important things - that s why it expedience is equal to offered elegance.


Properties of the bag:

- made of high quality eco leather

- zipped with a solid snap fastener

- a little partition inside

- a shoulder strap is added to a bag

2 years warranty

- Made in European Union


  • length 30 cm
  • width 4,5 cm
  • height 14 cm
Medžiaga Skóra ekologiczna
Spalva Ciemny róż

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Ilgis ±3 mm24 cm24.5 cm25 cm25.5 cm26 cm
Plotis ± 3 mm8 cm8.5 cm9 cm9.5 cm10 cm
Dydis9.5 (XS)10 (S)10.5 (M)11 (L)11.5 (XL)
Ilgis ±3 mm24 cm24.5 cm25 cm25.5 cm26 cm
Plotis ± 3 mm9.5 cm10 cm10.5 cm11 cm11.5 cm
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