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  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1
  • RoyalBaby STAR GIRL 18 "RB18G-1

Prekės kodas: RO0137-RO

Turimas kiekis: Pristatymas per 7-10 d. d.

Royalbaby Stargirl Girls Kids Bike 18 Inch, Dual Hand Brake

The bike of the renowned company Royal Baby Star Girl 18 is the first high quality bicycle for the amateur of two wheels, it is ideal for a real backyard driver. The handlebar is professionally profiled with attractions such as bows, a bell and a charming basket.
Full chain cover to protect against injury and dirt. Hand brakes at the front, and drum brakes at the rear mounted on the steering wheel levers, adapted to the small hands of a child. Comfortable saddle with a handle for the parent.
18-inch wheels, a metal frame and a high-quality tire will ensure a comfortable and stable ride. Side wheels to ensure balance at the beginning, so that the child learns to ride faster.
Good quality components that do not cause any problems in use. Colors and graphics that are appreciated by the owner and colleagues from the yard. This bike is perfectly polished, the distances between the steering wheel, saddle and pedals are proportionally kept, which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

Technical data:
- wheel size in inches - 18
- 2.4 inch wide tire
- high-quality accessories make the bikes stronger and more durable
- rubber, pumped wheels
- handy front rim brake and rear drum brake for safe braking
- ideal for children from 5 years
- contoured adjustable steering wheel with decorations
- professionally contoured adjustable saddle
- wide-spaced side wheels for stability
- chain guard
- front rear mud flaps
- Bell
- foldable footrest
- assembly keys
- white and orange reflections

- length 124 cm
- wheelbase 54 cm
- height from the ground to the steering wheel 78-83 cm
- saddle adjustment from (+ -) 56 to 65 cm
- length / distance from the saddle to the pedals 45 cm (measured in the lowest position)
- bicycle weight 11.9 kg

Recommended size:
- 14 bicycle for children aged 2-5
- 16 bicycle for children aged 4-7
- 18 bicycle for children aged 5-9
Note: the child s height may differ even at the same age, please take this into account when choosing a model

The whole set includes all the necessary tools (keys, hex keys) to assemble the bike.
The bike is factory assembled in 90%, there are only very simple 4 steps to assemble the bike:
- screwing the steering wheel
- screwing the saddle
- mounting a pedal
- mounting the side wheels

The unique construction and design of the bicycle makes the Royal Baby brand recognizable and appreciated by many users.
Royalbaby is a bicycle brand dedicated to children. Products of this brand are characterized by high quality of workmanship, attractive design and innovation. Royalbaby guarantees a safe and pleasant ride for every child.
The Jokomisiada store offers a wide selection of Royalbaby products.
The bike is packed in a cardboard box.

PAKUOTĖS MATMENYS 125 x 17 x 66 cm
REKOMENDUOJAMA dziewczynka;chłopiec;uniseks
Svoris su pakuote 14,3 kg
Parašyti atsiliepimą